FIFA 19 played a big part in the PES game, giving the fans a second chance

Thus, after 10 years of PES "hands on," FIFA has decided to knock down the "knock out" opponents.

According to a source leaked from CareerModeStars magazine, EA Games has successfully negotiated with the European Football Federation to acquire the copyright of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League titles. Thus, after 10 years of PES "hands on," FIFA has decided to Buy FIFA 19 Coins knock down the "knock out" opponents.

Just like every other year, the time of April and May will be the time for publishers to reveal information about their football games. This year, the competition between PES and FIFA is getting hotter than ever. With the loss of the image of the top two European tournaments, PES is now counting on only three clubs with them for Barcelona, Liverpool and Dortmund. Meanwhile, FIFA holds the most valuable picture rights in the world of football. Thus, on this side, FIFA are holding absolute advantage.
After losing out on the copyright snowball, PES will now focus heavily on FIFA 19 Coins graphics and gameplay to catch up with FIFA. While neither of them has given any information on these two, fans will continue to wait until 2019 for the best game.
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