Runescape sets in the future on the past - We were on the Runefest 2017 2

All this makes it difficult for the MMORPG lover beyond the 30's to completely sink into their game. Because complex MMORPGs like Runescape take a lot of RS Mobile Gold time and are not for in between.

Developer Jagex is also aware of this and is now using Runescape to tackle a new strategy, which focuses on veteran players and nostalgia.Together with 1,650 guests from the Runescape community, I jumped into Runefest 2017 on Saturday. The Runefest is a festival open to the press and fans of the MMORPG classic.

The Runefest 2017 was under the motto "Back to our roots" - this was already clearly recognizable in the RuneScape Mobile Gold decoration. As I entered the hall to the Runefest, I found myself right in the middle of Lumbridge. This is the first place where players start their adventure in Runescape. Here Jagex made a clear sign of where the journey should go: into the past.

At Runefest 2017 I was able to test the mobile version of Runescape myself.
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