Runescape dev announces new sci-fi MMORPG 2

Gerhard's lecture, though, was committed to explaining the business's road to success. He recounted approaching big publishers to determine if they'd be thinking about Jagex's free-to-play business structure. "We went along to EA and said we have amazing free games, and in addition they said, 'f*** off,'" he explained. "We went back and said we have got a million players and in addition they said 'bulls***'", he continued. "The necessity turned us in to RuneScape Mobile Gold a publisher," he was quoted saying, explaining his decision to self-publish because of this.

Despite the achievements of Runescape plus the overall growth from the company normally, Gerhard claimed that, "2010 will likely be a pretty flat year for individuals financially". "That's OK--we're building games that become an institution," he explained, elaborating on
RS Mobile Gold his long-term view to games publishing. "Free should mean free…[but] our most ardent fans will forever pay for value-added content."
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