Bill Belichick Won't Be In Madden 19, And That's No Surprise At All 2

Instead of Belichick's name and likeness, the Madden games reference him as generic "NE Coach," regarding his character model being some regular-looking guy who not wear cut-off sweartshirts in Madden 19 Coins most weather conditions. Given that which you know about Belichick's temperament, him not being inside a video game can be quite on brand. But it's still a fascinating phenomenon considering another coach is in the sport. It's also a blow for the Madden franchise's ambition being as authentic as is possible.

Belichick not being inside Madden games was even more apparent the last two years while using increased focus within the MUT 19 Coins Patriots. Madden 17 had Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski within the cover and also a year later Madden 18 had QB Tom Brady gracing the quilt.
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